HT 801 Bluetooth Temperature And Humidity Meter

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Temperature and humidity meter is used for measuring the surroundings temperature and humidity so that we can know the environment conditions for production and storage. 


Humidity range:0~100%RH 
Temperature range:-20℃~80℃(-4℉~176℉)
Dew point temperature:(-20℃~80℃/-4℉~176℉) 
Wet Bulb temperature:0℃~80℃/32℉~176℉) 
Humidity accuracy:±3%RH(25℃,20%~80%RH), ±2.5%RH(At other ranges) 
Air temperature accuracy:±0.8℃/±0.9℉(25℃) ,±0.8℃/±1.5℉(At other ranges) 
Response time:10S
3 AAA batteries


data remotely (Bluetooth transmission) Can generate digital charts, trend graphs; Support to save / share data graphs .xls Support save / share trend graphs .jpg IOS8.3 / Android 4.3 above (bluetooth4.0)



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