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HT A9 Thermal Imager with WIFI (320×240 New in 2020)HT A9 Thermal Imager with WIFI (320×240)
HT H8 Thermal Imager (384×288)HT H8 Thermal Imager with WIFI (384×288 NEW IN 2020)
Save $140.00
HT 301 Mobile Phone Thermal Imager(384×288)HT 301 Mobile Phone Thermal Imager(384×288)
Hti HT 301 Mobile Phone Thermal Imager(384×288)
Sale price$759.00 Regular price$899.00
HT 820D body infrared thermometerHT 820D body infrared thermometer
Save $107.00
HT-19 Thermal Imager (320×240)New HT-19 Thermal Imager(320×240)
Hti New HT-19 Thermal Imager(320×240)
Sale price$452.00 Regular price$559.00
Save $80.00
HT A2 Thermal Imager (320×240)HT A2 Thermal Imager (320×240)
Hti HT A2 Thermal Imager (320×240)
Sale price$459.00 Regular price$539.00
HT 201 Mobile Phone Thermal Imager(320×240)HT-201 Mobile Phone Thermal Imager(320×240)
Save $49.00
HT18 Thermal Imager (220×160)New HT-18 Thermal Imager (220×160)
Hti New HT-18 Thermal Imager (220×160)
Sale price$350.00 Regular price$399.00
Save $40.00
HT-A1 Thermal Imager(220×160)HT-A1 Thermal Imager(220×160)
Hti HT A1 Thermal Imager (220×160)
Sale price$349.00 Regular price$389.00
HT-1890 manometerHT 1890 Manometer
Hti HT 1890 Manometer
Sale priceFrom $40.00
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HT-350 Temperature And Humidity Instrument - shopxintestHT-350 Temperature And Humidity Instrument - shopxintest
HT-320 Body temperature measurement thermal imagerHT-320 Body temperature measurement thermal imager

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