Event time:2021/10/14—2021/11/10

The following models (buy 10 get 2 free)

HT-18 unit price is US$231.

HT-19 unit price is US$346.

HT-A1 unit price is US$228.

HT-A2 unit price is US$339.

HT-102 unit price is US$101.

HT-02 unit price is US$145.

HT-02D unit price is US$122.5.

HT-175 unit price is US$102.

HT-04D unit price is US$210.

Minimum purchase quantity: 10 units

Contact us to order: hti08@outlook.com

The above price does not include shipping and taxes.

It is recommended to use bank transfer. If you need to pay by credit card or paypal, you need to pay a 5% handling fee.