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HT 669 WIFI Industrial EndoscopeHT-669 WI-FI Industrial Endoscope - shopxintest
HT-801 Bluetooth Temperature And Humidity Meter - shopxintestHT-801 Bluetooth Temperature And Humidity Meter - shopxintest
HT-805 Bluetooth Digital Manometer - shopxintestHT-805 Bluetooth Digital Manometer - shopxintest
HT 807 Bluetooth Digital AnemometerHT 807 Bluetooth Digital Anemometer
HT-816  Infrared Thermometer - shopxintestHT-816  Infrared Thermometer - shopxintest
HT-817 Infrared Thermometer - shopxintestHT-817 Infrared Thermometer - shopxintest
HT-88A No-contact Laser Temperature GunHT-88A No-contact Laser Temperature Gun
HT-90A Sound Level Meter - shopxintestHT-90A Sound Level Meter
Hti HT 90A Sound Level Meter
Sale price$15.00
HT-91 Anemometer - shopxintestHT-91 Anemometer
Hti HT 91 Anemometer
Sale price$15.00
HT-92 LIght Meter - shopxintestHT-92 LIght Meter - shopxintest
Hti HT 92 LIght Meter
Sale price$15.00
HT-9600 PM2.5 Detector - shopxintestHT-9600 PM2.5 Detector
Hti HT 9600 PM2.5 Detector
Sale price$180.00
HT-9815 Contact Thermometer - shopxintestHT-9815 Contact Thermometer
HT-9829 Thermosensitive Anemometer - shopxintestHT-9829 Thermosensitive Anemometer
HT-9830 Hot Wire AnemometerHT-9830 Hot Wire Anemometer
Save $38.00
HT-A1 Thermal Imager(220×160)HT-A1 Thermal Imager(220×160)
Hti HT A1 Thermal Imager (220×160)
Sale price$342.00 Regular price$380.00
Save $64.00
HT A2 Thermal Imager (320×240)HT A2 Thermal Imager (320×240)
Hti HT A2 Thermal Imager (320×240)
Sale price$475.00 Regular price$539.00
HT A9 Thermal Imager with WIFI (320×240 New in 2020)HT A9 Thermal Imager with WIFI (320×240)
HT H8 Thermal Imager (384×288)HT H8 Thermal Imager with WIFI (384×288 NEW IN 2020)
HT-M2 microwave leak detector - shopxintest
HT-320 Body temperature measurement thermal imagerHT-320 Body temperature measurement thermal imager
HT-2008 CO2 MetersHT-2008 CO2 Meters
Hti HT-2008 CO2 Meters
Sale priceFrom $83.00
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HT-403 PM2.5 DetectorHT-403 PM2.5 Detector
Hti HT-403 PM2.5 Detector
Sale price$39.00
HT-530 CO DetectorHT-530 CO Detector
Hti HT-530 CO Detector
Sale price$75.00
 HT-9819 CFM/CMM  Anemometer HT-9819 CFM/CMM  Anemometer

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