HT 128 Thickness Gauge

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The electro-magnetic induction principle is used to measure thickness of non magnetic coating and galvanization layer (such as paint) on magnetic conductive metal substrate (such as iron). The principle of eddy current effect is used to measure thickness of non conductive coating (such as paint) on non-magnetic conductive metal substrate (such as aluminum).


Measurement mode:single and continui
Unit: um, mm
Range: 0~1300um 
Resolution: 1um (0~999um); 0.01mm (≧1000um) 
Accuracy: ±3%+ 2um (0~1300um) 
Auto power off: 3 min (no key operation)

Working condition
Power supply: two 1.5V AAA batteries
Operating temperature: 0~45℃ (no condensation and no strong magnetic field)
Operation humidity:0~90%RH  non-condensing
Storage temperature:-10~50℃(14~122℉)
Storage humidity:0~90%RH  non-condensing

Requirements for substrate
Substrate thickness: >0.5mm
Curvature radius of convex surface: >1.5mm 
Curvature radius of concave surface: >25mm 
Measurement area diameter: >6mm 

Display:LCD display with back light
Weight: 80g(battery not included) Display
Size: 112mm × 51mm × 28mm 

One piece of standard aluminum substrate
One piece of standard iron substrate
Standard foil: one piece of 50um, 100um, 250um, 500um,1000um respectively.
Two 1.5V AAA batteries
USB data line
Instruction for use

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