HT-U01 Infrared Thermal Imager's Movement Mold Components

Model:: HT-U01(256×192)
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Infrared modules for UAV , the minimum purchase quantity is 50 units, contact me to get the lowest price:

The following are the specific applications of infrared thermal imaging camera core mold components in drones:

1. Outdoor search field: UAVs equipped with infrared thermal imaging camera core components can perform tasks such as night reconnaissance and target tracking. Through infrared thermal imaging technology, drones can capture the thermal information of targets in dark environments and provide key intelligence support.

2. Public safety field: Drones can use infrared thermal imaging camera core components for fire monitoring and rescue. Drones can quickly fly to the fire scene and obtain real-time temperature distribution information of the fire scene through infrared thermal imaging technology, helping firefighters quickly locate the source of the fire and trapped people, and improve rescue efficiency.

3. In the agricultural field: UAVs equipped with infrared thermal imaging cameras can be used for farmland pest detection and crop growth monitoring. By monitoring the temperature distribution on the crop surface, drones can detect the presence of pests and diseases in time and provide farmers with timely prevention and control suggestions.

4. In the field of power inspection: UAVs equipped with infrared thermal imaging cameras can efficiently conduct inspections of power lines and equipment. Drones can detect temperature abnormalities of lines and equipment through infrared thermal imaging technology without touching power lines, promptly discover potential safety hazards, and improve the stability and safety of the power system.

HT-U01 Manual: download

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