HT 9815 Contact Thermometer

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It is used for measuring temperature via probe,and it is usually used in industrial measurement. 


1.LCD display with backlight
2.Type K Thermocouple input
3.4 Thermocouple input
4.Max Hold and Data Hold
5.Differential Temperature(T1-T2)
6.User Selectable°c or °F
7. User Selectable 0.1°c or 1  °c ( 0.1 °F or 1 °F ) Resolution
8.Scan Function(T1,T2,T1-T2,max,Hold..)


Model No HT-9815
Range:-200 °c to 1372 °c (-328 °F to 2501 °F )

Basic Accurcy

T1,T2 Above -100 °c (-148 °F )

±0.15%rgd+1 °c (1.8 °F ) 

T1,T2 below-100 °c (-148 °F )


±0.5%rgd+2 °c (3.6°F ) 




±0.5%rgd+1 °c (1.8 °F ) 


Type K temperature Resolution

0.1 °c /°F k<1000 ° ,1 °c / °F/k>1000 °

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