HT 9829 Thermosensitive Anemometer

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Anemometer is mainly used in electric power,iron and steel,petrochemicals,energy and other industries.


Air Velocity Range Resolution  Accuracy
m/s 0.10~25.00m/s  0.01m/s ±(3%+0.20m/s) 
km/h  0.3~90.0km/h  0.1km/h  ±(3%+0.8km/hr) 
ft/min  20~4926ft/min  1ft/min  ±(3%+40ft/m) 
mph 0.2~55.8mph  0.1mph  ±(3%+0.4MPH) 
knots 0.2~48.5knots 0.1knots ±(3%+0.4knots)
Air flow  Range  Resolution Area
CMM 0~9999m³/min 1 0~9.999m²
CFM 0~ft³/min 1 0~9.999ft²
Air temperature Range  Resolution Accuracy
32~122℉,(0~50℃) 0.1℉/℃  4.0℉(2.0℃)
Operating Voltage  9V
Weight 390g 
Size 198×85×45mm 
Accessories Batteny,manual black box and gift box.

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