HT S320 Body temperature measurement thermal imager

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Infrared image resolution: 320x240

Field angle: 34.4°x 25.8°

Work waveband: 7.8μm -14μm

Thermal sensitivity: 0.07℃

Image frame frequency: 9Hz

Visible light resolution: 1920x1080

Detector type: Uncooled infrared focal plane detection

Product Characteristics: Temperature measurement for more than one persons at the same time/human face tracking/high temperature automatic alarm/capture record of pedestrian

Temperature measurement range: 32℃-42℃

Temperature measurement:±0.5℃

precision of human body: Fixed

Focusing mode: Manual: Manua

Temperature correction: Manua

Image correction Color palette: white heat, black heat, rainbow, iron red, high contrast rainbow.

Requirements for computer CPU:The fourth generation i3 or above

Videoing/photographing: Support

Range of working temperature: 10℃ -- 35℃

Storage temperature scope: -20℃ -- 60℃

Interface type: USB 3.0

The length of USB line: About 2.8 meters

Supply voltage: 5V DC

Weight: 450g



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